A funny thing happened during our recent tour of Arion Press…

I’m a lover of books (obviously). And it all rubbed of on my daughter in a wonderful, make a dad proud sort of way. We discuss books, we haunt used bookstores together, we taunt each other when we find a sweet old edition of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poems right under the other’s nose, we happily trot off to our favorite coffee shop with our stack of newly acquired books, we harass each other about what we have/have not read, we check each others shelves for “borrowed” books, we follow each others book blogs, and just generally love books together.

So imagine my joy/jealousy when the tour we recently took at the Arion Press resulted in my daughter interviewing with and then getting a job offer at the Press. OK, it’s pretty much all joy right now; the jealousy will start as I begin to hear stories of being so close to the people and craft of making such wonderful and beautiful books. I’m thinking to myself “(What a) Wonderful World…”

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