Pride and Prejudice in the works from the Bowler Press

I noticed on the Bowler Press blog that they are planning a three volume edition of Jane Austen’s novel. Although the illustrator still is to be determined, it sounds like they have enlisted the services of Alanna Simenson to do the binding. Based on the work she has done for the Barbarian Press, I expect this might be something special. Volume I is targeted for late 2012 with the following two volumes following in subsequent years.

The first book from the press was The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde and was reviewed in the FPBA’s Parenthesis #19 by Crispin Elsted of the aforementioned Barbarian Press. I was tempted by the Wilde and now I’m being tempted by the Austen.

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  1. Neil says:

    I have always left my comments about the wonderful reviews you give us on the ‘LibraryThing’ forum and thought it was about time I showed my appreciation on the ‘Whole Book Experience’ site itself.

    The types of books that are published and produced by Fine and Private Presses are, as a result of their design and production standards, expensive. Sometimes the only chance we get to see them in detail is on a site like this one.

    Enjoying these beautiful books vicariously is the next best thing to being able to own them. Your words are interesting and entertaining and the images that go along with them are indispensable.

    I always look forward to your next post – Cheers!

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