Hello readers (and collectors) of fine press books!

Welcome to The Whole Book Experience. This blog is dedicated to fine press books and my intent is to cover all topics of interest to the people who read and collect them. I love to read. I read voraciously in all formats: paperbacks, hardbacks, magazines, blogs, e-books and pdf’s, etc. But my favorite reading experience is when it all comes together in an intellectual AND sensuous way, with the literature in synergy with the text and type, the paper, the binding, the illustrations. That’s the Whole Book Experience!

I will be including news on fine press happenings and shows, visits to presses, and reviews of fine press books that I am lucky enough to read or maybe just see and touch. I hope you will enjoy sharing this experience with me.

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One Response to Hello readers (and collectors) of fine press books!

  1. Tom Barrett says:

    Excellent! I am new to fine press books and don’t always have money for the real thing–for instance I got the trade edition of the Pennyroyal Caxton King James Bible. But even so I I would like to learn more.

    I look forward to reading this blog!


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